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No More Voicemail App Eliminates Voicemail

by Joseph
No More Voicemail

No More Voicemail

Of all the myriad communication options we have in the year 2016, the most controversial is probably voicemail. Some believe that leaving a voicemail when they don’t pick up the phone is a perfectly acceptable way to provide information and to set up a future conversation, while others would rather shove hot nails into their ears than have to listen to a bunch of voicemail messages from people who apparently don’t know how to text. For that latter group, there’s the No More Voicemail app.

No More Voicemail, when activated, directs your ignored/missed callers not to your voicemail box but to an unending ringing loop, as God intended. They never get the chance to leave a voicemail, which means you never have to answer, or (more importantly) listen to any, and it’s up to you whether you even tell the callers in question about the app.

No More Voicemail is available for both iOS and Android devices from the app’s official site right here.

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