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Nixon Limited Edition 48-20 Chrono LTD Watch

by Joseph
48-20 Chrono LTD

48-20 Chrono LTD

Nixon‘s latest quality timepiece is the 48-20 Chrono LTD – a new limited edition of yet another Nixon watch that provides the consumer with top quality in terms of both its function and style.

Function is reinforced by the 48-20 Chrono LTD’s three-dial face, with clear and easy to read digits providing a plethora of useful data.  In the style department, the 48-20 Chrono LTD is no slouch either, as the watch comes in a gorgeous black and baby blue colorway, with a stainless steel case and watchband. And this particular edition of the 48-20 will only be available in 482 pieces across the world.

For more info on the 48-20 Chrono LTD, including a handy list of retailers that will carry it, check out the Nixon online announcement here.


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