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Nixie: A Wearable, Flying Camera (Video)

by Joseph


A wearable camera is pretty cool, and a flying camera is even cooler. But how about a camera that you wear on your wrist when it’s not flying through the air? That’s straight-up superhero stuff, but it’s also a reality, in the form of Nixie. Nixie is billed as “the first wearable camera that can fly,” and I’m hard-pressed to dispute them on their claim.

In an ingenious bit of engineering, the wrist straps that fasten Nixie to your wrist unfold and become pieces of a small, lightweight quadcopter that can send the built-in camera to the heights necessary to capture incredible video.

Speaking of video, you can see a short promotional one about Nixie below. It shows the flying, wearable camera being put to impressive use, capturing one user climbing up the side of a cliff, and another doing some cool tightrope tricks. But, thankfully, it can also be used for selfies.

Here’s the video:

Nixie isn’t available for pre-order yet, but you can get more information on the camera, and sign up for future updates, at the Nixie website here.

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