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Nirvana: Two Unreleased Songs From the Band Surface Online (Audio)

by Joseph


I don’t know anything about the culture of studio session tape trading, but I would imagine that you spend a lot of money on tapes hoping to find a snippet or two of something good—which would make a find by a recent eBay auction winner even luckier than previously thought, since they were able to find two entire unreleased songs from Nirvana on an old reel from 1993.

Nirvana recorded the material at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota while they were working on In Utero, their third studio album which would come out in September of ’93 (the tape is dated February 1993). It’s made up of seven songs, but the most interesting parts are “Lullaby” and an untitled Dave Grohl solo number, since both of these songs have until now been unheard by the public. Here’s “Lullaby”:

And here’s that Grohl solo, which is a little under two minutes long, but I guess still counts as an unreleased song.  It also reportedly features Grohl on all instruments:

You can read more about the unreleased Nirvana haul at Alternative Nation right here.


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