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Nipi: An Actually Smart Cooler and Portable Solar Generator

by Joseph


It almost doesn’t seem sporting to call a product that doesn’t sync up to a smartphone a “smart” product – but Nipi is a cooler and solar charger with enough truly intelligent features that it earns the “smart” designation and then some.

Probably the best of those features is Nipi’s built-in solar panel for charging mobile devices at the beach, picnic, or wherever else you bring a cooler in the summer – with internal USB ports inside the cooler’s dry storage area as well as on the outside of the cooler. Cup holders, internal and external lighting, and all-terrain wheels also make this a strong improvement over the typical cooler, even if it can’t ping your smartphone when your beer’s getting warm.

Pre-orders are being taken at Nipi’s Kickstarter here, which has a little over a month to raise another 30 grand – so you might want to place yours now if you want to see this product actually become a reality. Or maybe the market just can’t support a smart cooler that doesn’t come with an app.


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