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Nintendo Zapper Glock: Definitely Not a Toy

by Joseph
Nintendo Zapper Glock

Nintendo Zapper Glock

Guns, as has been stressed again and again, are not toys. But true gun enthusiasts know that the line between a weapon that can instantly take a person’s life and a harmless toy is finer than conventional morality suggests.  That’s the flimsy hypothetical rationale behind Precision Syndicate LLC’s Nintendo Zapper Glock, made to look almost exactly like the “gun” for original NES games like Duck Hunt.

Thankfully, the Nintendo Zapper Glock isn’t a mass-produced item, instead appearing to be a unique custom joint for someone who always wanted to kill something other than make-believe ducks with their Zapper—a well-adjusted member of society, in other words.

At Precision Syndicate LLC’s Facebook page where the photos of the Nintendo Zapper Glock first surfaced, they say they “weren’t the first” to make such a gun, so stay safe out there, people. You can check out the world’s most fatal video game peripheral right here.


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