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Nintendo Switch: New Upcoming Console Revealed

by Joseph
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Today marked the highly anticipated unveiling of Nintendo‘s followup to the Wii U console, now known as Nintendo Switch. And whether you’re a hardcore or casual participant in video game culture, that unveiling has plenty of reasons to get you excited for March, 2017, when the Switch is scheduled to hit stores.

The first of those many reasons is the Nintendo Switch’s high level of portability, which marks it as a true “next gen” console that’s designed to be feasible and functional on the go. To that end, the console will have its own 7-inch screen.  Technical specs are still to come, but it will allow you to play even without a TV, similar to but more expansive than the Wii U’s touchscreen controllers. The Switch’s controllers, called “Joy-Cons,” are modular and meant to be adapted for multiplayer party situations. And, get this: it will use cartridges instead of discs.

You can read up on the Nintendo Switch right here, and start saving your pennies for March, 2017 if you want to have one for yourself.

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