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‘Nintendo Power Podcast’: Defunct Magazine Back in Podcast Form

by Joseph
Nintendo Power Podcast

Nintendo Power Podcast

The last issue of Nintendo Power was shipped to Nintendogs’ houses in 2012, but no truly resonant brand name stays dead forever these days. And so it is with the new Nintendo Power Podcast, an official podcast from Nintendo that’s carrying on the Nintendo Power tradition.

The first episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast came out on December 20th – here’s the official episode description:

In this debut episode of Nintendo Power Podcast, host Chris Slate looks back at the Nintendo Switch system in 2017 with Kit Ellis, co-host of Nintendo Minute, and Damon Baker from Publisher and Developer Relations at Nintendo of America.

Chris then discusses the development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the game’s producer, Mr. Eiji Aonuma, and director, Mr. Hidemaro Fujibayashi.

You can listen to the premiere episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast on SoundCloud below. And stay tuned to the show’s SoundCloud account here for future eps soon.

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