Home Entertainment Nintendo and Mercedes Team Up for ‘Mario Kart 8’ DLC, Mercedes Ad (Video)

Nintendo and Mercedes Team Up for ‘Mario Kart 8’ DLC, Mercedes Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Mario Kart 8 Mercedes GLA

Mario Kart 8 Mercedes GLA

The karts in the Mario Kart series of games are cool and all, but they aren’t exactly Mercedes, you know what I mean?

That was the case before Mario Kart 8, the fast-approaching next installment of the franchise that will offer Japanese players (and hopefully those in the rest of the world eventually) the opportunity to download a Mercedes GLA for Mario and his pals to tool around in.

The downloadable Mercedes GLA for Mario Kart 8 isn’t the end of the relationship between Mercedes and the Mushroom Kingdom. A creepily full-size version of Mario is appearing in a Japanese TV commercial for the car, which I’m pretty sure you won’t be seeing during United States TV commercial breaks any time soon.

The collaboration between Nintendo and Mercedes represents a bit of a change in the way Nintendo has used its characters in the past, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the near future.

You can check out that weird Japanese Mercedes GLA commercial starring Mario below, and Mario Kart 8 is hitting stores on May 30th.


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