Home Entertainment Nintendo Labo: Cardboard DIY Kits Work with Switch (Video)

Nintendo Labo: Cardboard DIY Kits Work with Switch (Video)

by Joseph
Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo

Have you ever been friends with someone for a while only to find out, totally unbeknownst to you, that they had some hidden talent, like juggling or not having a Facebook account? The Nintendo Switch kind of pulled something like that off with the reveal of Nintendo Labo. 

Nintendo Labo is a line of cardboard DIY assembly-required toys that use the Nintendo Switch to power real-world toys and games. Like, for instance, a backpack that lets you step behind the controls of a giant robot, or a cardboard fishing simulator, or a remote-controlled car. The possibilities are at least seemingly endless, as you can see in the unveiling trailer for Labo below:

The first Nintendo Labo kits will come out on – and I’m not making this up – April 20th, when they will be priced at – again, this isn’t me – $69.99. You can get more information at Nintendo’s official site for Labo right here.


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