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Nimuno Loops: Tape That Can Make Anything LEGO Compatible

by Joseph
Nimuno Loops

Nimuno Loops

It’s possible, if unlikely, that you have one or two prized possessions that are not LEGO related. This can be a drag when you try to incorporate your all-consuming love of LEGO building bricks into, say, your passion for framed Godzilla movie posters or plush Nintendo toys. But now, there’s Nimuno Loops.

Nimuno Loops is a kind of all-purpose, cut-able, and flexible tape that’s textured with those familiar lockable prongs that make anything it’s attached to compatible with LEGO. Throw some strips on your favorite shirt, and boom, it’s a LEGO shirt. Apply some to a jar of mustard in your refrigerator, and suddenly it becomes MSTRD-1, the last Rebel outpost on the frozen planet of Hoth. You get the idea.

Right now Nimuno Loops is just an IndieGoGo glimmer in the eye of Team Nimuno, but given the massive surge of enthusiasm the campaign has touched off you’re sure to be seeing the tape everywhere soon. You can pre-order yours starting at $11 right here.

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