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Nimbus e-Car Concept From Hemisferio Criativo

by Joseph
Nimbus e-Car

Nimbus e-Car

Most electric cars, be they actual production models or just lines on a page, seem to place a high premium on futuristic design. But Hemisferio Criativo has taken a different approach with their new Nimbus e-Car concept.

As you can see in the computer rendering of the concept car above, the Nimbus e-Car looks more like a 1950s children’s toy than a sleek automobile of the future. But on the inside, it’s all 2015 and beyond, with a 180hp electric engine, lithium-ion battery, solar panels, and more environmentally friendly goodies. Or at least it would be, if it weren’t just a concept car.

You can get a lot more information on the Nimbus e-Car concept over at the official Hemisferio Criativo site right here. It’s unlikely that you’ll see any version of it on the street any time soon, so it’s probably best that you drink in what you can over there.

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