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Nikon 100th Anniversary Celebrated With Retrospective Video

by Joseph
Nikon 100th Anniversary

Nikon 100th Anniversary

In 1917, a company then known as Nippon Kogaku K.K., now simply Nikon, was born. Like all brands that are lucky/devious enough to survive a hundred years, it’s now Nikon’s solemn responsibility to commemorate their existence, and to do that we now have a pretty cool video looking back on the last century in honor of the Nikon 100th anniversary.

The Nikon 100th anniversary video is a five-minute look back at Nikon’s “opto-electronics and precision technologies,” also known as cameras, covering many of the brand’s accomplishments and promotional milestones over the last 100 years. It’s a worthwhile watch, especially if you’re interested in the Nikon brand or just the history of photography in general.

You can watch the Nikon 100th anniversary video below. And if you want to wish the old girl well even further, you can visit the brand’s special 100th anniversary site right here.

Thanks for the memories, and also the cameras:



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