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Nikola One Hybrid Big Rig

by Joseph
Nikola One

Nikola One

One of the usual lines of attack against hybrid or electric vehicles is that they don’t have the power of ones propelled by conventional combustion engines. As technology gets more and more advanced, though, that’s going to become less and less true – and the latest piece of evidence of that is the Nikola One, a hybrid big rig that has a 2,000 horsepower hybrid engine.

The Nikola One, like a lot of other, less massive hybrid vehicles, doesn’t ever need to be plugged in since its electric motor stays turbine-charged with normal use of the vehicle. Nikola doesn’t appear to have released specific gas mileage stats yet, but since the first 5,000 people who reserve theirs won’t have to pay for gas for the first million miles, I don’t see people making too big a deal out of it.

To make that reservation, or just to get a lot more info on the Nikola One hybrid big rig, check it out at the Nikola site right here.

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