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Nike Unveils New NikeLab Retailers (Pics and Video)

by Joseph

The world is changing all around us, and old-fashioned sneaker stores are always struggling to compete with online retailers. Nike is uniquely capable of striking the rare blow for brick and mortar, and are doing so with the new NikeLab retail locations, located at a handful of select points across the globe.

The plan is for NikeLab to serve as a kind of testing ground for new concepts and ideas to be eventually implemented in Nike retailers all over the world. A special emphasis is placed on environmental friendliness, with most of the materials used in the NikeLab store being recycled, and designed to be as modular and adaptable as possible.

The NikeLab website here lists just six NikeLab locations, but don’t worry if you’re not in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Shanghai, or Milano, because you can see a few photos in the gallery up top, as well as a promotional video below.



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