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Spanish Laser Soccer Fields By Nike (Video)

by Joseph
Nike Football Laser Field

Nike Football Laser Field

In a new promotional video from Nike, the urban streets of Spain were home to an instant soccer field, thanks to the magic of lasers. The commercial is part of Nike Football‘s “#MiPista” (Spanish for “My Track”) campaign, and it illustrates the wide appeal of soccer by implying that wherever you project a laser soccer field, soccer will take place.

It’s a fitting sentiment for a sport that is hugely popular in Spain and all across Europe, as it remains more of a niche interest in the United States. Maybe if this laser soccer thing takes off, the sport will finally find a wide audience in America. (Americans love lasers. ┬áJust look at Star Wars.)

Check out the commercial below, but remember to turn off the sound if you don’t like dubstep.

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