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Nike Roshe Run “Camo”

by Joseph
Nike Roshe Run “Camo”
Nike Roshe Run “Camo”Nike Roshe Run “Camo”Nike Roshe Run “Camo”Nike Roshe Run “Camo”Nike Roshe Run “Camo”

Nike is reportedly prepping a camouflage colorway for their popular Roshe Run sneaker, if recently leaked teaser images are to be believed. The images show a slightly darker version of the camouflage that was previously seen, with less burgundy and greater amounts of khaki.

The “Camo” Nike Roshe Run hasn’t been officially announced yet, but you can see an array of images in the gallery at the top of the page. They show the Roshe Run in its new colorway from a variety of angles, from the top to the bottom.

As for when the Nike Roshe Run in “Camo” will hit a select retailer near you, only time will tell.

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