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Nike+ Basketball Sets Out to Revolutionize Training (Video)

by AnthonyP

Nike Plus Basketball

Nike plans to unveil Nike+ Basketball, a new system to help train the next generation of NBA champs.

It is based on the popular and effective Nike+ training system, which allows millions of runners to stay connected around the world and share their runs on Facebook and just about everywhere else. The new Nike+ Basketball system promises to deliver the same interactivity as its predecessor, but with a greater focus on basketball.

The new Nike+ Basketball system comes with Nike+ Pressure Sensors embedded in all their new footwear.  A real-time feedback system based on the wearer’s performance is then wirelessly delivered to the wearer’s phone, containing metrics of how high they jumped, how hard they played, how fast they ran, and so forth—all of which can be customized to target goals set by the wearer.

The system allows coaches, trainers and just good old everyday wearers to set objectives for themselves to meet.

Nike+ Basketball will debut in stores on Friday, June 29.

Source: Freshnessmag

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