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Nike LeBron 9 Low “LeBronold Palmer”

by Joseph

LeBron James‘ newest variant on his LeBron 9 Low model sneakers from Nike have a pretty interesting nickname bestowed on them, courtesy of James himself.  And by “interesting,” we mean kind of hard to say out loud:

It’s “LeBronold Palmer.”  Now go ahead and try saying it for yourself.

The new Nike LeBron 9s were given such a name because of the image of the popular beverage, the “Arnold Palmer” (named for the PGA legend), is printed on the insole of the shoe.

What is an Arnold Palmer? In case you’re not the athletic or with-it type, it’s 1/2 lemonade, 1/2 iced tea.  And LeBron must be a big fan of it to display it so prominently on his new signature shoe, which features all-around bright colors and a tropical theme. No word yet on whether “Lebronold Palmer” is the official name of the shoe – but how could a name like that not stick?

Source: Nice Kicks

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