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Nike Kobe X “Silk” Revealed (Photos)

by Joseph
Nike Kobe X "Silk"

Nike is going deep into world history for inspiration on the latest signature Kobe Bryant colorway. It’s the Nike Kobe X “Silk” and it gets its name from the ancient trade route between Europe and Asia known as the “Silk Road.” The inspiration is especially appropriate given Bryant’s upbringing in Italy and his propensity for Chinese culture to this day, and that appropriateness lends an extra sense of cohesiveness to this new sneaker.

The Nike Kobe X “Silk” has orange and burgundy mesh upper with a prominent hit of gold in the Nike Swoosh logo. The Silk Road influence isn’t just present in the name of the colorway, either, since these colors were chosen for their presence in the silk tapestries traded in the early days of the legendary trade route.

You don’t have to travel from Asia to Europe or vice-verse to take a look at the Nike Kobe X “Silk” in the gallery below. And if you like what you see, make your way to select Nike retailers on March 21st, when the sneaker is scheduled to drop.

Here’s the gallery:

Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"Nike Kobe X "Silk"

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