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Nike Kobe 8 “Green Glow”

by Joseph
Nike Kobe 8 "Green Glow"
Nike Kobe 8 "Green Glow"Nike Kobe 8 "Green Glow"Nike Kobe 8 "Green Glow"Nike Kobe 8 "Green Glow"


Sneakerheads and Kobe Bryant fans first got a glimpse of the “Green Glow” Nike Kobe 8 sneakers courtesy of Kobe’s wife Vanessa. But very little was actually known about the shoe, beyond its teal and orange colorway. Now from Nike we have more in the way of official details about the sneaker, plus the colorway’s name: “Green Glow.”

The Nike Kobe 8 “Green Glow” upper is mostly wrapped in alternating shades of teal for an effect that’s made to look similar to a snakeskin print. Then there are the laser orange accents, seen most notably in the swoosh logo, but also in the outsole and inner lining.

Set to hit the usual retailers on December 20th, the Nike Kobe 8 “Green Glow” sneaker will have a suggested retail price of $140. Until the release date arrives, you can content yourself with Nike’s official photos of the shoe, seen in the gallery at the top of the page.

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