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Nike Ice Hat: Prototype Cooling Face Mask for Athletes Developed

by Joseph
Nike Ice Hat

Nike Ice Hat

If you’re an athlete who’s interested in both looking cool and cooling off simultaneously, Nike and Olympic decathlete Ashton Eaton have developed a prototype for a product that will meet both of those needs. It’s the Nike Ice Hat, a face mask designed to help athletes cool off on the sidelines.

In typical Nike fashion, though, the Nike Ice Hat doesn’t just serve its function, but looks kind of awesome (in a kind of goofy way) at the same time. It looks like something a Marvel Comics villain or Mortal Kombat character might wear, so one can only hope it will become a widespread trend in sports. Here’s an excerpt from Nike’s statement on how the prototype works:

“Inner layers designed to retain cool water without leaking. At the same time, a structural frame around the eyes keeps cold portions in place and close to the face while maintaining a secure fit.”

Of course, our dreams of seeing an army of Nike Ice Hat wearing athletes on the sidelines at sporting events are a ways off from coming true, since the product is in its very early development stages. But you can get some more info on the prototype by checking out Nike’s statement on the Ice Hat right here.

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