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Nike FLYEASE: Sneakers for Special-Needs Customers (Video)

by Joseph

The world has been designed for able-bodied individuals for pretty much all of recorded history, and we’re only recently learning to respect the needs of people with different physical situations. Now Nike is joining the pack with their Nike FLYEASE, a line of sneakers designed to be easily put on by those living with physical disabilities.

The first sneaker to be released under the NIKE FLYEASE banner is the Zoom Solider 8 FLYEASE, developed in conjunction with Matthew Walzer, an athlete with cerebral palsy. It utilizes a Velcro strap across the back of the sneaker that can open wide enough for a foot to slide in, making the in-through-the-top motion of a traditional sneaker unnecessary.

The Nike Zoom Solider 8 FLYEASE will be hitting select retailers, including the Nike store here, in limited quantities on July 16th. You can take a look at the sneaker and its two colorways in the gallery up at the top, and see The Nike FLYEASE Story below.


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