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Nike Ending Partnership With Livestrong

by Joseph
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

We all knew that Lance Armstrong did himself a great disservice by cheating to win, but now it seems evident that he was sticking it to cancer patients as well.  At least, that’s one interpretation of Nike’s recent announcement that they will be dissolving their partnership with Lance’s charitable foundation, Livestrong.

The decision is sure to be a controversial one, as Livestrong is reported to have raised more than $100 million for cancer research, regardless of what its founder was injecting into his body to win bike races. So it’s good news that, even though Nike will no longer be the primary corporate sponsor for Livestrong, they will continue to support the organization financially through 2014.

However, Nike will stop producing Livestrong-branded apparel and footwear by the end of this year, which means you should probably go buy some Livestrong sneakers now, if you were ever going to. You can check out a more detailed account of this story at the New York Times website here.


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