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Nike CEO Mark Parker Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

by Joseph
Nike CEO Mark Parker

Nike CEO Mark Parker

If you’ve somehow avoided hearing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, here’s a brief recap – it’s a campaign to raise funds for the ALS Association, and lots of celebrities have gotten on board, dousing themselves in ice water to raise awareness (and money) for ALS.

One of the most recent individuals to succumb to the ice water’s siren song is Nike CEO Mark Parker, who was challenged by Kobe Bryant to participate. Parker took to the official Nike Instagram account to share his Ice Bucket Challenge. Parker takes a hands-off approach to the challenge, as the ice water pours onto his head from off-screen (no word on whether he hired a cheap Chinese laborer to do the pouring for him).

You can watch Mark Parker’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge below, in which he passes the challenge forward to three other notable figures. And for more information on ALS, head over to the ALS Association’s website here.

(via Complex)

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