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Nike Air Yeezy II Looks Uncompromisingly Different

by AnthonyP

Ever at the top of its game, Nike Inc has just posted an official announcement of the heavily anticipated “Kanye West shoe”, also known as the Air Yeezy II.

The design is one of the shoemaker’s most polarizing to date, with its non-traditional layout that looks heavily inspired by the skin of a reptile.

Featuring anaconda-textured panels, sculpted rear spikes, and a glow in the dark sole, these kicks might be best reserved for clubwear and no place else.

The shoes are said to bring inspiration forward from the original Nike Air Yeezy, released way back in the 1980s, and is built with a modern outsole and sees the addition of a molded forefoot strap.

The Nike Air Yeezy II will be released globally on June 9.

You can check more pictures of the shoes out at Nike.

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