Home Style Nike Air VaporMax: No Midsole Necessary (Video)

Nike Air VaporMax: No Midsole Necessary (Video)

by Joseph
Nike Air VaporMax

Nike Air VaporMax

This year’s Nike Innovation Summit is producing a lot of very cool technology that we can expect to see in Nike sneakers and other products very soon. One of the coolest is Nike Air VaporMax, a sole that takes the promise of “Nike Air” to its logical conclusion and eliminates the need for foam midsoles or any other additional support.

A sneaker equipped with Nike Air VaporMax will be unprecedented in its lightweight, walking-on-air construction thanks to an outsole that can hold plenty of air within a bubble cushion that’s sturdy enough to support your feet without any structural additions. According to Nike, the outsole can  “independently maintain its given form, with elasticity.” Thanks elasticity!

Here’s the official press release on the Nike Air VaporMax, and if you’re in the mood you can watch the completely silent, kind of weird promotional unveiling video for the technology below. And stay tuned to see the first slate of sneakers with the technology soon.



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