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Nike Air Max Zero Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph
Nike Air Max Zero

Nike Air Max Zero

As I write this, the long-anticipated (not to mention long-promoted) Nike Air Max Day, 2015 is only a scant 12 or so hours away (depending on what time zone you’re in). And in advance of that date, another teaser for “The One Before the 1,” now also known as the Nike Air Max Zero, has hit the internet.

As the legend goes, what is now called the Nike Air Max Zero was rejected by the Nike majordomos for being too radical back in 1985, when it was first submitted by the revered Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. And now, it would appear to be finally getting a release from the company.

Actual details on that release are scarce, but the general opinion seems to be that the Nike Air Max Zero will be available in some form or another starting tomorrow, March 26th, otherwise known as Air Max Day. For now, just check out the teaser below, and for more on the Air Max franchise, head to the official site here.

Here’s the video:


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