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Nike ACG Return Teased (Video)

by Joseph
Nike ACG

Nike ACG

Nike recently teased the return of one of their most beloved product lines, the late and lamented Nike ACG. In case you haven’t been around long enough to know, ACG stands for “All Conditions Gear,” and sneakers under the ACG brand umbrella were typically experimental in nature and designed for maximum urban sport utility.

According to the teaser video, the new Nike ACG products will be in keeping with the same design principles of the original: “Nike ACG returns to define sport utility for the city.” As for what the new collection will actually include, we’ll have to wait a few more days, since the video ends with the implicit promise of more on December 18th.

You can see the short teaser video heralding the return of Nike ACG below. And until the 18th, you can cool your heels over at the official Nike online store here.

Here’s the video:


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