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‘Nihon Noir’: Photographer Tom Blachford Makes Tokyo Look Like ‘Blade Runner’

by Joseph
Nihon Noir

Nihon Noir

A good photographer and a good city can be like a match made in Heaven, especially if the photog in question has a good eye and a vision for how to bring out the best in his choice of subject. The shooter/city dynamic seems very prominent in Nihon Noir, a new photo series from Tom Blachford that makes Tokyo look like something out of Blade Runner or Trancers. 

Tokyo is a fairly futuristic city under any circumstances, used to such effect in many popular films, but Blachford makes it look science-fictional without any digital manipulation. Here’s Blachford himself on his mission with the Nihon Noir project:

“My goal for the series was to communicate the feeling that struck me the first time I visited Tokyo, that somehow you have been transported to this advanced and amazing parallel universe. I wanted to inject some mystery into the city and have the images be as confusing and mysterious as the place feels to me every time I visit.”

You can read up on Nihon Noir, and see the rest of Blachford’s Blade Runner homage, right here.

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