Home Entertainment ‘Nightflyers’: Upcoming Syfy Series Based on George RR Martin Story (Trailer)

‘Nightflyers’: Upcoming Syfy Series Based on George RR Martin Story (Trailer)

by Joseph


With Game of Thrones one of the biggest things on TV right now, the race is on for TV networks to find other stuff George R.R. Martin has done throughout his long career and try to adapt it for some of that sweet secondhand action. One example is Nightflyers, an upcoming Syfy original series based on a novella that Martin himself once described as “Psycho in space.”

I’m sure Syfy executives would have preferred “Game of Thrones in space,” but Nightflyers looks pretty cool anyway, in a teaser that doesn’t mention that aside from his work being adapted Martin won’t have any direct involvement with the writing or production of the series. Take a look:

Nightflyers will come to the Syfy channel this fall, so keep your eyes peeled for more info on the series as we get closer to new TV show season. If you’re impatient, you could also try to get your hands on the 1987 film that was also based on the same story.

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