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Night At The Great Wall Giveaway from Airbnb

by Joseph
Night At The Great Wall

Night At The Great Wall

Airbnb has another of their patented exotic giveaways now available for entry. This one lets one lucky winner and a friend spend a Night At The Great Wall, and not Trump’s invisible one. This is the real Great Wall, as in the Great Wall of China. Here’s what part of the trip will be like, per Airbnb:

“Upon arrival, you and your friends will take a short hike to your one-of-a-kind bedroom on the wall. Once you’re settled into your new home and the sun begins to set, you’ll enjoy an intimate, multi-course gourmet dinner prepared just for you. Each course of this meal serves to represent a different aspect of Chinese culture and the culinary traditions of its people. Consider it a historic (delicious) lesson in the Great Wall’s history. As you savour each bite, there will be a traditional Chinese concert performed just for you — as a feast for all of the senses.”

If that sounds good to you, and if you have a free schedule from September 4th to September 8th, you can sign up to win a Night At The Great Wall at Airbnb right here.


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