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Nicetrails: 3D-Printed Mountain Mementos

by Joseph


When you climb a mountain, what can you really take home afterward? Unless it’s the Aggro Crag, any rocks you get up at the top are probably just going to look like rocks, and photos and videos can only convey so much. Luckily, now there are Nicetrails, 3D-printed mountains for just this situation.

Nicetrails work like this: When you go on an adventure (preferably one around a mountain), your progress is tracked via GPS. Then, after you get home, your course across the most visually-interesting segment of landscape in your journey is 3D printed and charted in contrasting color. That way, when people ask you exactly where you went on your vacation, you can just point at your Nicetrail (ahem) and show them.

Nicetrails start at $50, but it doesn’t cost anything to see how they work at the product’s official site right here. And if you don’t see yourself climbing a mountain just to get a 3D-printed memento, maybe you could hire a climber to do it for you.

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