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New York City Restaurant Bice Offers $2,000 Pasta

by Joseph

Most Expensive Pasta

A new holder of the title for “most expensive pasta in the world” is here, and a plate of it can be found in New York City‘s Bice eatery.

The dish is made from tagliolini pasta and topped with two pounds of lobster and black truffles. It comes with portions of calamari, veal and chocolate mousse. And the whole thing comes on an exclusive $350 gold leaf plate designed by Gianni Versace!

That seems like a lot of (good) food, but it’s still a matter of debate whether or not it’s worth the $2,000 asking price. Here’s the dish’s creator, Chef Silverio Chavez, on his expensive concoction:

“It’s going to melt in your mouth, the lobster is fresh and tender and all of the flavors work so well together… my mouth is watering thinking about it”

So, is satisfying  a watering mouth worth the $2,000 price tag?  I think I’ll leave that decision up to you.

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