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New Video Game ‘Cuphead’ Meticulously Recreates 30s Cartoon Visuals (Video)

by Joseph


One of the highlights of the recent E3 tech conference was a short trailer for Cuphead. To look at the trailer, though, you might assume it was a lost cartoon from 70 or 80 years ago, rather than a new video game to be released later this year.

That’s because the developer of Cuphead, Studio MDHR, used hand-inked cel animation to create the game, just like cartoons of the previous century were made. The game will hit Steam and Xbox One, but the studio also hopes to release it on the Sega Master System, the defunct console from the mid-80s. Nostalgia must be big over at Studio MDHR.

Release details on Cuphead are still in the works, but you can watch the aforementioned trailer for the game below. It looks incredible, and if the game actually looks like this it might be incentive for some people to finally buy an Xbox One.

Here’s the trailer:

Via The Daily Dot.


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