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New Taco Bell Logo Revealed – Fans Unhappy

by Joseph
New Taco Bell Logo

New Taco Bell Logo

By fast food standards, Taco Bell has an unusually fervent fanbase, possibly owing to their late-night hours or the fact that they seem to stand out in a sea of cheeseburgers and fries. So when a new Taco Bell logo is revealed, it’s bound to get a louder response than, say, McDonald’s or Burger King, and that’s exactly what has happened with the reveal of the new logo seen above.

The first thing everybody notices about the new Taco Bell logo is its businesslike, minimalist font. It reminds me of the messages in the movie They Live that say things like “MARRY AND REPRODUCE” or “NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT,” but instead it just says “TACO BELL.” It’s kind of alarming, and lots of people on Twitter are evidently in agreement:

The new Taco Bell logo is reportedly the work of Lippincott, Taco Bell’s own internal graphic design group, which I suppose means that you can register your complaint with your nearest Taco Bell shift manager and it will eventually work its way up. Alternatively, if you like the new logo, consider purchasing an extra Cheesy Gordita Crunch the next time a Bell craving hits you close to home.

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