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New Light-Based “Li-Fi” is 100 Times Faster Than WiFi

by Joseph


The future, especially in these troubled times, can be a scary place. Visions of overpopulation and natural disasters fight for room with images of nuclear annihilation and World War III. But there is at least one thing about the future that’s going to be pretty damn cool: Li-Fi, a light-based WiFi upgrade that uses Visible Light Communication to transmit data 100 times faster than your current high-speed connection.

I am A: Not a scientist, and B: Writing this on the day before Thanksgiving, so there’s really no point in me trying to explain Li-Fi in depth. But the main thing is that it uses light instead of radio waves, and it does so way, way faster than any WiFi technology around today.

The bad news is that despite its speed, we still have to wait a while for Li-Fi to become available in our homes and offices. But in the meantime you can slowly crawl over to an article about the tech at Complex right here and read a little bit more about it.

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