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Next iPhone To Feature 120 FPS Slow-Motion Camera?

by Joseph
iPhone 5 camera

iPhone 5 camera

The latest rumor surrounding the next version of the iPhone is based on an obscure bit of code nestled deep inside the recently unveiled iOS 7. The feature is called “Mogul,” and it isn’t compatible with any current iPhones; however, the code suggests that it is engineered to work with a camera capable of capturing slow-motion at 120 frames per second—four times more than the current iPhone’s 30 frames per second capability.

This is exciting news for anyone who would enjoy capturing detailed, smooth and crisp slow-motion footage with their iPhone. And while nothing is official yet, the feature would bring the iPhone up to date with current slow-motion cameras.

You can see an example of what one of those current cameras can do below, which should get you excited about the 120 fps capability on the next iPhone.

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