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New Google Logo Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph
New Google Logo

New Google Logo

Google is still a relatively new company as far as those with iconic brand logos are concerned, so it’s kind of surprising to remember they’ve changed logos several times already. They’ve done it once again, with a new Google logo that was designed to emphasize that Google has services across a wide variety of platforms.

In the blog post announcing the change, the point is made that all previous Google logos were designed to be viewed on a desktop computer, but the new one is optimized for as many different contexts as there are Google services – a healthy number by any measure. In addition to the main Google logo, the small icon (formerly a lowercase G) that represents Google on smartphones and tablets has been changed to a four-color G that’s meant to match the larger logo.

You’ll be seeing the new Google logo one way or another in no time, but you can see a cool video about how the logo has evolved up to this point below. And to read the blog post on the subject, just head over to the official Google blog right here.

Here’s the video:

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