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New Facebook Paper News App

by Joseph
Facebook Paper

Facebook Paper

New from Facebook comes Facebook Paper, an iPhone app for exploring all the news and stories that propagate on Facebook in a new way. The idea (and namesake) behind Facebook Paper is to give users a way to customize their own digital newspapers in a manner that meets their needs and desires for Facebook.

It’s a standalone app, but some analysts (including this one) think it might eventually replace the traditional Facebook—that is, if it takes off and becomes as popular with users as it is with Facebook employees. And Facebook Paper isn’t just for viewing stories; it can create them as well, allowing users to customize their own content and preview it as it would appear in the app and on Facebook proper.

These are just some of the features of Facebook Paper, which you can check out in greater detail on its website here. So far it’s only available for the iPhone, with no plans for Android or iPad versions announced as of yet, but expect them to be unveiled soon if the app turns out to be a hit.

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