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New Balance “Camo Pack”

by Joseph
New Balance Camo Pack
New Balance Camo PackNew Balance Camo PackNew Balance Camo PackNew Balance Camo Pack

Not content to just wrap its flagship ML574 sneaker in camouflage, the folks at New Balance have thrown their ML501 out into the wilderness as well with the newest iteration of their “Camo Pack.”

The New Balance “Camo Pack” includes two camouflaged 574s, as well as a new camo-wrapped 501 for good measure. Besides the camouflage, one of the most striking features of the “Camo Pack” is the bright orange and neon laces on the two 574 camo colorways. They’re anything but inconspicuous, which might make them a bad choice for operations in which stealth is a must. They do look nice, though.

You can check out the New Balance “Camo Pack” in the gallery at the top, and head to online retailers like this one to cop a pair for yourself.

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