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Nevo: “The First Minimalist Connected Watch” (Video)

by Joseph


It’s a given fact that smartwatches, while packed with cool features, aren’t generally speaking a triumph of stylish design. But the makers of Nevo are trying to change that, with a product they’re calling “the first minimalist connected watch.”

Nevo does the usual smartphone things like bringing you hands-free smartphone notifications and tracking your exercise, all without compromising the Swiss clockwork that keeps the watch in perfect time. Another killer feature for Nevo is that you don’t have to remember to charge it every day like some other smartwatches. It’s powered by dual watch batteries, one for the Swiss movement that will last about five years, and one for the smartwatch features that can go up to six months in between charges or replacements.

The Nevo smartwatch has already surpassed its fundraising goal on IndieGoGo, but you still have about a month left to get in on the ground floor starting at just under $200 here. And you can watch a video showing what the watch can do below.


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