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Netflix Unveils New Brand Icon

by Joseph
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If you’ve been seeing a big red “N” on your social media feeds and various video-playing devices recently, don’t freak out, it’s just the new “Icon” of Netflix. But, evidently it’s not replacing the old logo, nor is it even considered a logo, as per the company’s official Twitter account:

I wasn’t a marketing major, so I couldn’t tell you what the real, functional difference is between a logo and an “Icon,” but from a visual design standpoint the new digs are pretty cool, best described as a big red N (for Netflix!) stylized as a double-folded red ribbon. Exciting!

You can see the new Netflix Icon up at the top of the page, and presumably you’ll start seeing it all over the internet pretty soon if you haven’t already.

If you’re a Nick, Nash, Neville, or Nigel reading this, and you were hoping to unveil a new brand icon for yourself in the coming weeks, better not make it red.


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