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Netflix Title Request Feature Revealed

by Joseph
Netflix Title Request

Netflix Title Request

We live in something of a golden age of media availability, but there’s still no avoiding the feeling of really wanting to see a movie or TV show and not being able to find it anywhere online. Your local library might prove a valuable resource on these occasions, but now you have yet another option, provided you don’t mind being a little patient: Netflix Title Request.

It turns out every Netflix subscriber is entitled to three title requests at a time, and there’s a handy form that lets users take advantage of the Netflix Title Request feature at their own convenience. And in a strange twist, we were evidently supposed to have known about it all along:

The drill is, head over to the Netflix Title Request page right here, sign in, and start requesting those white whales you’ve always wanted to see but can’t. Choose wisely, and also your suggestion will probably be ignored, but still.

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