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Netflix Switch Unveiled at World Maker Faire (Video)

by Joseph
Netflix Switch

Netflix Switch

If you have a Netflix account, you know that it takes a lot more than a TV and an internet connection to create perfect (dare I say it) “Netflix and chill” conditions. Lighting is important, as is a good supply of food, and an absence of distractions from your smartphone is also a worthwhile factor to consider. Provided you have a little bit of programming knowledge, you can make these conditions happen with the push of a button thanks to the recently unveiled Netflix Switch.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t quite gotten into the Amazon business of making buttons for people to push at home, but they did release the specs for their Netflix Switch at the World Maker Faire and on the internet so anyone with a little know-how and DIY spirit can make their own.

You can do that by checking out the directions for the Netflix Switch here, which also include specs on how to silence your mobile devices and order food with your Switch. Stay chilly, my friends.

Here’s a video all about the gadget:

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