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Netflix Socks Added to Service’s DIY “Make It” Site (Video)

by Joseph
Netflix Socks

Netflix Socks

Here’s a product that will appeal to anyone who enjoys making their own stuff, novelty socks, smart technology, and watching Netflix. It’s Netflix Socks, a product recently added to Netflix’s “Make It” DIY site, which gives users step-by-step instructions to build their own pair of socks that can automatically pause whatever you’re watching if you fall asleep.

I’m going to be honest, there’s a lot here that I don’t understand, like how many people are actually expected to create their own smart socks using electronic equipment and programming know-how. But I’m glad that Netflix Socks exist all the same, even if they’re not being mass-produced at the present moment.

You can watch a video about the miracle of Netflix Socks (surely the greatest miracle ever to happen around Christmastime) below. And to see what you need to make your own pair, check out the product on the Netflix Make It site right here.

Here’s the video:

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