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Netflix In-Flight Entertainment Coming in Soon

by Joseph
Netflix In-Flight Entertainment

Netflix In-Flight Entertainment

When I fly, I like to read. But most people prefer to watch movies or TV shows on board, and now Netflix has announced it’s going to get into the in-flight entertainment business. Honestly, it’s a wonder that it’s taken this long for Netflix in-flight entertainment to come along.

If you think about it, in-flight movie and television streaming was kind of like Netflix before Netflix, so Netflix in-flight entertainment would seem to be the logical next step. Netflix says it can improve performance and save bandwidth by sharing its own proprietary technology with airlines, and it also plans to offer free use of the service for subscribers.

What we don’t have is a timetable of when Netflix in-flight entertainment might start showing up on flights. But you can read more about the project here, and keep an eye out for Netflix the next time you fly. Personally though, I’m gonna stick with books.

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