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Nerf Bow Trick Shots from DudePerfect (Video)

by Joseph
Nerf Bow Trick Shots

Nerf Bow Trick Shots

Trick shooting is a more or less integral part of the sport of archery, but you really don’t hear much about the top level of Nerf archery – even within the Nerf field, the bow and arrow tends to be overshadowed by the brand’s proud line of dart guns. The YouTube channel DudePerfect has come out with a new highlight reel of Nerf bow trick shots, though, perhaps as an attempt to right this wrong.

The Nerf bow trick shots seen in the video are all pretty impressive, especially thanks to the camera work that covers the shots from every angle. It saves the most impressive feat for last, a long distance gong ring via Nerf arrow that one might say has to be heard to be believed.

Check out DudePerfect’s Nerf bow trick shots below. And for more where that came from, you can visit the DudePerfect YouTube channel (as long as you have a responsible chaperone) right here.

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