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Neptune Duo: Smart Watch, Not-So-Smart Pocket Screen (Video)

by Joseph
Neptune Duo

Neptune Duo

The future of the smartwatch is still pretty hazy, especially with regard to the relationship between it and the smartphone. Will it eventually replace the smartphone? Will it continue to be a mere supplement for an indefinite period? One novel possible future is suggested by the recently unveiledĀ Neptune Duo, which pairs a smartwatch “hub” that keeps all your data securely strapped to your wrist with a dumb, replaceable “pocket screen” that fills most of the functions of a typical smartphone.

The Neptune Duo is like a more logical reverse-engineering of the present smartphone/smartwatch model. After all, how much sense does it really make to store all of your data, photos, personal information, contacts, etc., on something that can be lost as easily as a phone? This solves the problem, keeping all the stuff on a watch and keeping the pocket screen dumb like a keyboard or mouse or any other piece of replaceable computer equipment.

The Neptune Duo is expected to ship to lucky customers sometime late this year, but you can reserve yours (or just get some more information on how it works) at the product’s official site here. And you can also see a short promotional video for the Neptune Duo below.

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