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Nendo ChocolaTexture Bar: A Feast for the Tactile Sense

by Joseph
Nendo ChocolaTexture Bar

Nendo ChocolaTexture Bar

Does texture matter when you’re eating a chocolate bar, or is chocolate chocolate, regardless of the shape it’s pressed into? That’s the implicit question posed by the new Nendo ChocolaTexture Bar, which gives purchasers a sampling of a variety of different patterns, allowing them to decide for themselves whether they make a difference in flavor/overall eating experience.

Of course, for the Nendo ChocolaTexture Bar to be scientifically robust, it would also need to include a plain, smooth square of chocolate, which it doesn’t. But it does come in a variety of different flavors, including Berry, Black, the classic Milk, and more.

The Nendo ChocolaTexture Bar would appear to be more of a concept/installation piece than something you’re likely to find at a grocery or convenience store, but you can check out more from Nendo at the brand’s official site right here. Or you could just stare at it here or in the photo up at the top–0 calories.

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